High School in Kanada

Sarah - British Columbia, Squamish

Sarah M. wurde "Student Ambassador" während ihres High School Years in Squamish, Kanada

Sarah M. from Germany did not have to think long about her study abroad destination. She was determined to find the perfect place to meet her needs to ski all winter and her desire to have access to a city. “I decided to come to Squamish because I wanted to stay near a ski area and it's close to Vancouver. It's perfectly placed between skiing and shopping!”

Sarah is very happy in her new home and loves her new community of Squamish. “I really like Squamish because it's not too big and it's so beautiful here with all the mountains.”

Sarah is in grade 11 at Howe Sound Secondary and enjoying her classes so much that she contacted her agent and decided to extend her stay to a full year. “I like all of my classes because it's so much fun and my classmates are so nice. In a short time I found so many great friends and we always do something together after school. We often have movie nights on the weekend or we meet at Starbucks.”

Sarah is very active and is participating in numerous activities and sports both in school and in the community. “This fall, I joined the cross country team at school. We had so much fun at all the races and I became a much better runner. I am also joining the girls basketball team at school and I'm looking forward to go skiing every weekend.”

Sarah feels she was matched to the perfect homestay family. She feels they really fit her personality and needs and is really happy in her new Canadian home. This was also the reason she chose to stay longer. “I really love my homestay family. I have three homestay sisters and they are all around my age. There is always something going on and we have so much fun together.”

We asked Sarah what she had planned for the future and she said, “I will finish my school in Germany but I'm pretty sure that I will come back to Canada.”

We know she will find it hard to go home at the end of the year. She described her feelings this way, “At the moment, I can't imagine to leave Canada. It's such an amazing experience and I have met so many great people I'm sure I will be very sad when I have to go home.”