High School in Neuseeland

Jessica - Dunedin, Trinity Catholic College (previously Kavanagh College)

My experience at Trinity Catholic College (previously Kavanagh College) in New Zealand 2014

Before I came to New Zealand, I did not know what the life here is about. I just thought, the other sides of the world must be very different to my German life.

Living in another country for three months was a nice experience I would not like to have missed. I learned that the people here are open-minded and friendly and live in a nice and relaxed way. I forgot my busy life in Germany and jumped into a relaxed life learning about the country. From the fi rst ti me I saw the beauti ful landscape of New Zealand I was really impressed and I still love it now. I acted a bit like a tourist at first, doing tours, exploring the wildlife and landscape of New Zealand and started learning how its people’s lives are like. I adapted myself to the acti ng of my host family and other people and it felt good.

When I chose my subjects at school, I was really happy to have the opportunity to take practi cal subjects. I have chosen Science, English, Maths, ESOL, Physical Education and Textile Design. That means for me learning about different sport exercises than in my home country and doing sewing, which is a lot of fun. I like the relaxed way of learning in comparison to Germany. Having six instead of twelve subjects means that you can focus on them a bit more, but you also do not have that many opportunities to specialise in a particular area for the future.

It was my first time living in a host family and I am really happy. My host family is friendly, took me to exciting places like the Tunnel Beach and helped me to arrange tours to see all of their country. Moreover it is good to have people around you who care about you and comfort you if you get sick or miss your family and friends from your home country. I started loving my host siblings and host parents and I will feel sad when I have to leave them and this amazing country.

Overall I really enjoyed my ti me in New Zealand and I hope I can come back one day.

Jessica B., Yr11, Germany