High School in USA

Julius - Texas, Wills Point High School

Julius berichtete regelmäßig von seinen Erlebnissen und dem Alltag in seiner neuen Heimat in seinem Newsletter.

USA Wills Point Update #1

Hello everybody,

And welcome to my brand new USA Wills Point Newsletter! As many of you should know, I'm right now in Wills Point, Texas, where I will stay for the next six month. I arrived last Saturday and my host family picked me up in Dallas Fort Worth after a 24-hours-trip from Berlin with 7 hours staying in Newark.

My host family, Mark Pemberton and Johnny Robinson, lives five miles away from a little town called Wills Point, which has nearly 4.000 inhabitans. Wills Point is in Texas and an hour away from Dallas. My host parents have a son, Terrin, who goes to college in Dallas.

I will go to the Wills Point High School and I will be a sophemore (that means I will be in 10th grade). I joined the marching band and that is why I am already here (school starts at August 26). The Tiger Band is one of the best in Texas and they have something like a band camp in the last three weeks of the summer vacation. So every day during the week I have to wake up at 6 a.m., because the camp starts at 7 a.m. But I love it! It is so much fun! I play Baritone here, which is like a big trumpet, and it's kind of funny because I still try to figure out how to play the right music, but it is a whole lot of fun.

Last Sunday we went to Johnnys mother and I met besides her Jamie, the sister of Johnny, and her children and grand children. Everyone here is so friendly to me and they try to speak slowly so I unterstand them. Especially Mark and Johnny help me a lot.

We also were in the cinema and we saw "Percy Jackson - sea of monsters". I really love that movie and the funny thing is that you in Germany have to wait a few days to watch it. On Friday we went to the Hawaiin Falls Water Park, where you can swim in a wave swimming pool and slide waterslides around. It was so much fun!!!

So I think I've written all you should know. If you have any questions, just write me an email or send me a message on facebook. :-D

Best regards, Julius

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